Keisha Carter

Keisha Carter

K Carter Homes of KW Peachtree Road
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KCarter Homes was founded by Keisha Carter and is currently providing the best real estate and allied services to the people of Metro Atlanta. Ms. Carter has been a licensed REALTOR®️ for almost five years and during this time, she has accumulated a vast network of professionals willing to make your real estate experience as smooth as possible. ​​
Why work with Keisha Carter? ​​
KCarter Homes is your gateway to getting more information out of the real estate market in Metro Atlanta. With close to five years of real estate experience dealing with buyers, sellers and investors and a background of financial analysis and business administration, you can rest assured that you will have the best informed-decision before deciding on which properties to buy, sell or invest in. ​​
Aside from utilizing the latest technology available in real estate marketing, Keisha Carter does not hesitate to work with you in getting a special property in your neighborhood of choice. If you’re on the selling side, Keisha Carter can also utilize the same skills in making sure your property reaches the widest possible audience and in turn pick the most qualified buyer. ​​
Throughout your partnership with KCarter Homes, you can expect consistent and concise communication and up-to-date real estate knowledge to make sure you are represented well. We have extensive experience in the real estate industry. Beyond the traditional way of marketing, we also have a social media presence. You can expect these assets to be utilized to give you the optimum service you deserve. ​​
Above all, we do what we do with you in mind. You can expect to be heard in all aspects of our partnership and continue to give support even after you have already settled in. We want you to get a taste of the same quality service that our clients have experienced. If you’re planning to buy, sell or invest for properties here in Metro Atlanta, be sure to reach out to us.

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